Research Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Corinne Hohl
Associate Professor, UBC; BC) is an emergency physician and health services researcher with expertise in multi-centre observational cohort studies and quasi-experimental designs. She holds over $13M in research funding as nPA, with over 70 peer-reviewed publications. She will chair the Steering and Executive Committees, and will commit 30 hours per week to the proposed work.

Co-Principal Investigators

Dr. Laurie Morrison (Professor, University of Toronto) is a senior resuscitation scientist with experience in international networks, registries, randomized trials and clinical decision rules. She is Director of the Collaborative Specialization Resuscitation Sciences graduate training and mentorship, and will coordinate our graduate students and mentoring of Early Career Researchers

Dr. Perry (Professor, University of Ottawa) is a world-leading expert in clinical decision rules, and has derived, validated and implemented multiple influential emergency clinical decision rules.

Dr. Rosychuk (Professor, University of Alberta; AB) is a Senior Biostatistician with a special interest in pediatric respiratory infections, and will provide her expertise in statistical methods and study design.

Dr. Kwong (Professor, University of Toronto; ON) is a Public Health Scientist in infectious diseases epidemiology and health services research using linkable data with expertise in VE, vaccine safety and vaccine programs.

Principal Knowledge Users

Dr. Manns is Associate Chief Medical Officer and Chair of the Alberta Health Services Scientific Advisory Group, which provides policy recommendations to the AB Emergency Coordination Center.

Dr. Berger Pelletier (QC Ministry of Health) advise Quebec’s pre-hospital and emergency response and collaborates with key government leaders.


McNeil (Professor, Division Head, Infectious Diseases, Dalhousie University; NB) is the Deputy Director of the Canadian Center for Vaccinology and co-lead for the Canadian Immunization Research Network and Senior Scientist with a focus on vaccine evaluation. ECR Righolt (Assistant Professor, Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba; MB) has expertise in VE and analytics.

Provincial Leads McRae (Associate Professor, University of Calgary; AB) and Archambault (Associate Professor, Université Laval; QC) have expertise in large multi-centre cohort studies; Brooks (Associate Professor, Queens University; ON) and ECR Jelic (Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba; MB) in health services research, integrated Knowledge Translation (iKT) and patient engagement; ECR Davis (Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan; SK) in Indigenous health; ECR Wiemer (Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University; NS) in women’s health; and ECR Chandra (Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University; NB) in education and emergency medicine.

This structure will ensure robust, coordinated provincial support, as well as mentorship.


Our 14-member SAC includes VE experts such as co-PA Kwong, and co-As McNeil and Righolt, as well as Skowronski (Clinical Professor & BC Centre for Disease Control Epidemiology Lead of Influenza & Emerging Respiratory Pathogens) and Mahmud (Professor and Canada Research Chair in Pharmacoepidemiology and vaccine evaluation).

In addition, we have 50 Site Investigators across 8 provinces. Charleyboy, our Indigenous Patient Partner, based in BC will advise CCEDRRN on how to engage with Indigenous peoples respectfully to determine Indigenous research priorities and questions related to VE. McGavin is Patient Engagement Lead for the BC SUPPORT Unit who has successfully recruited 8 Patient Partners with lived experience with COVID-19 from across Canada for CCEDRRN. McGavin co-chairs our Patient Engagement committee and ensures patient representation on all CCEDRRN governance committees.


Our team includes 33.5 Research Assistants and 15 coop-students who are organized into data collection teams across 8 provinces and are supported by 5 full-time Research Coordinators.

A Project Manager supervises CCEDRRN operations and a Data Manager programs REDCap, verifies, cleans, and uploads data onto the Secure Research Environment.

4 full-time analysts are supervised by co-PA Rosychuck and assigned analyses for individual studies.