Research Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Corinne Hohl (Associate Professor, UBC) is an emergency physician and health services researcher with expertise in multi-centre observational cohort studies, clinical decision rules and quasi-experimental designs. She will chair the Steering and Provincial Executive Committees, and commit 20-30 hours per week to this important work.

Co-Principal Investigators

Dr. Laurie Morrison (Professor, University of Toronto) is a senior resuscitation scientist with experience in international networks, registries, randomized trials and clinical decision rules. She is Director of the Collaborative Specialization Resuscitation Sciences graduate training and mentorship, and will coordinate our graduate students and mentoring of Early Career Researchers

Dr. Perry (Professor, University of Ottawa) is a world-leading expert in clinical decision rules, and has derived, validated and implemented multiple influential emergency clinical decision rules.

Dr. Rosychuk (Professor, University of Alberta) is a senior biostatistician, and will provide her expertise in ED administrative data and analysis.

Dr. Lang (Professor, University of Calgary) is an international leader in knowledge translation and the Scientific Director of the Emergency Strategic Clinical Network for Alberta Health Services.

Principal Knowledge Users

Dr. Manns is Associate Chief Medical Officer and Chair of the Alberta Health Services Scientific Advisory Group, which provides policy recommendations to the AB Emergency Coordination Center.

Dr. Berger Pelletier directs Quebec’s pre-hospital and emergency response and collaborates with key government leaders.

Dr. Moore (Professor Queens University) is a Medical Officer of Health in Ontario with experience in surveillance, public health and pre-hospital care ( He is a consultant for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.


McRae (AB) and Archambault (QC) have expertise in clinical decision rules and diagnostic testing. Archambault along with Brooks (ON) are experts in knowledge translation and patient engagement.

We have paired mid-career researchers who are Provincial Leads in high-volume provinces, with Early Career Researcher (ECR) Provincial Leads in low volume provinces: Jelic (MB) has an interest in education and knowledge translation; Davis (SK) in Indigenous health and knowledge synthesis; and Fok (NS) in pre-hospital medicine and emergency preparedness.

This structure will ensure robust, coordinated provincial support, as well as mentorship.


Collaborators include our 51 Site Leads, along with our collaborators who will lead sub-studies requiring secondary use of our registry data, and may provide additional data to us such as serology.

Collaborator McGavin is Patient Engagement Lead for the BC SUPPORT Unit and will help us recruit patient partners with lived experience with COVID-19 from across Canada.