The Canadian COVID-19 Emergency Department Rapid Response Network (CCEDRRN) is a national collaboration with Public Health Partners that received 1-year of funding from CIHR to harmonize data collection in 50 Emergency Departments (EDs) across 8 provinces (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NS, NB).

In Year 1 (June 1 2020-May 31 2021) we established a governance structure, signed Membership & Data Sharing Agreements, obtained research ethics board (REB) and institutional approvals from all participating sites, completed Privacy Impact Assessments and data management plans, and initiated data collection.
To date, CCEDRRN has captured data on over 80,000 patients across Canada, with ongoing weekly accrual of 2,000-2,500 COVID-19 tested patients. This allows us to conduct well-powered investigations on specific populations (e.g., homeless, immune compromised).

We are currently completing analyses for two clinical decision rules (predicting COVID-19 test positivity & futility of intubation), a diagnostic test evaluation (screening asymptomatic admissions), and studies on gender, co-morbidity and phase of pandemic, which we will publish shortly.

In December 2020, we initiated data collection on vaccination status, as we believe that vaccines will change the course of the pandemic and impact COVID-19 risk factors, outcomes and complications, as well as clinical and public health decision-making. Of the 177 observational COVID-19 registries listed with the World Health Organization (WHO), CCEDRRN is the third largest in the world.